Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Something Old, Something Blue

A few months ago I mentioned that I was looking for a  cabinet to keep sewing supplies in so that my dining room didn’t look like a disaster area when I want to sew.  My parents were at an antique store around that time and found a great antique dresser with one long drawer on top, and a large cabinet with two doors on bottom.  The color of the wood was ugly, and the hardware was hideous but the piece was just the right size and had great lines.  I decided to paint it blue to go in my blue and brown living room and then picked out some really beautiful antiqued mercury glass knobs at Anthropologie.  I couldn't be happier with the finished product.  It is just what I needed and gives me much needed storage, and what household couldn't use a little more storage space?

Unfortunately we didn't get any before pictures.

I LOVE these mercury glass knobs.  I really love mercury glass in general.  I wish it was easier to find.  All I come across seem to be candleholders and you can only have so many of those.  I did find some stuff at Pottery Barn, but really don't want to pay their prices.  I'm hoping to have the chance to go to a few antique stores before the holidays and maybe I'll find some there.  Oh, and milk glass too, love that milk glass!

Steven is getting annoyed with me because my birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I can't think of anything I want him to get me.  For some odd reason I just can't think of anything that I can't live without right now, and if I can live without it, then I don't want to waste a birthday present on it!  I told him I'd rather just wait until I come across something that I REALLY want but I'm not sure he's going to let that one fly.  If I could have anything I'd probably wish there was some way I could stay 27 instead of turning 28.  28 is practically 30... too close for comfort!

I had my last (and most painful!) diagnostic test today and we finally were able to meet with the doctor and develop a treatment plan.  The doctor was very optimistic which really helped.  Looks like its Clomid and IUI for us.  Hopefully this works!

Later Gators!


  1. Caylee the little dresser looks so great in your home. I have not seen it since it was in my house. So pretty and you put the perfect finishing touches on it. Oh, you do need to tell Steven something that you want for your Birthday, even if it is something small!!!

  2. Great news from the doctor!!! Yeah!!

    I really love, love, love that little dresser and it would look very cute in my house... :0)

    Are those hexie's in the jars???