Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter, I'm SO over you!

Every year I look forward to the the cooler crisp temperatures, the smell of wood burning in fireplaces, and the changing leaves that fall brings. fall inevitably gives way to winter, which I'm usually ok with.  You see, I live in the southern U.S., Tennessee to be exact.  We experience fairly mild winters here normally.  You wouldn't find many years in the record books that we had more than 1 or at most 2 light snowfalls accumulating more than 2 inches.  This year is one for the record books though.  We've had 4 or 5 snows with accumulations this winter, and its not over with yet.  We even had a good snowfall on Christmas Day, which was really beautiful.  But now, I'm just sick and tired of frigid cold temps, gray cloudy skies, and cold wet stuff messing up the roads and making me worry about my sweetie driving to work at 4 in the morning.  The kids here have only gone to school maybe 5 days total since they let out for Christmas break a week before Christmas.  I know many of you out there have far worse winters than this, but this is Tennessee--the south, where its usually mild in the winter and HOT in the summer, and I didnt' sign up for this!!! lol
Here is a photo outside our front door a few weeks ago.

During all of this cold weather, I did manage to get a few finishes under my belt, YAY! Below are two quilts that I worked on off and on from about June of last year until now.  They were meant to be Christmas presents for my niece and nephew.  I wanted to get some good pics of them finished, but the dreary, snowy weather wouldn't cooperate so here are a few crappy dark, pics =(

Our little niece is two and her little brother is one.  I made these bigger than an average baby quilt because I wanted them to be able to snuggle up with these for years to come.  The long arm quilter did a great job with the quilting.  She did swirls all along the border and added little swirls in the zig-zags too.  It gave the quilt a bit more whimsy I think.  Here is the best detail shot I could get with the bad lighting.

I've also been working all week in my spare time on a flannel quilt for my friend who is having a baby girl on February 1st.  I used some Bliss flannel fat quarters and red thread and I really like the way it turned out.  Again, dark photos, sorry!

I also started another baby project that didn't quite get finished in time so I'll post pics of that soon.

If you are also feeling the winter blues, let me suggest you try these YUMMY Krusteaz Key Lime bars.  They're like sunshine in your mouth!  A friend turned me onto them a few years ago, and I've loved them ever since.  I made them for the baby shower this weekend, and everyone loved them.  Even if you aren't usually a key lime fan, you'll probably still like these.  They are SO easy to make.
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year-- Better Late Than Never!!

As usual I'm a day late and a dollar short with the holiday greetings.  Actually, more like 2 weeks late, but who's counting (hopefully no one).  The holidays around here just get so busy, as I'm sure they do everywhere.  I feel like there hasn't been a spare minute since three days before Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas, I hope everyone was blessed to spend it with people they loved and enjoy being with.  Steven and I always go to my parents house in the wee hours of the morning on Christmas to open presents with my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend.  We all received such beautiful and thoughtful gifts from each other that I can't help but think that we are truly blessed, and a bit spoiled to be honest. 

Remember the "Sweet Broderie" fabric from Lecien that I fell in love with a few posts ago?   Well one of Santa's helpers got wind of my fabric crush and this kit was waiting for me under the tree.

I can't wait to make this quilt!  The fabric is so expensive, but this kit is surprisingly affordable.  It can be purchased at Wooden Gate Quilts.

I caught site of Santa's handsome helper as he tried to sneak out after delivering this last minute gift.  After much begging, he conceded and let me take a picture of him.

I didn't know that they let the elves wear Redsox hats ... must be casual Friday.  Actually Steven and I spotted this funny Elf t-shirt at Target a few weeks ago, and being the goofballs that we are we had to try it on and take a photo.  We're weird like that. Don't judge, lol.

Right before Christmas I had pre-prepared homemade orange rolls to easily pop in the oven that morning.  They smelled divine baking. I wish with all my heart that I could give this recipe rave reviews, but alas, I cannot =o(.  It turns out, there is such thing as too much butter.  It was just TOO much!  I may try them again as cinnamon rolls far, far in the future and with far less butter.  But right now, the Pillsbury dough boy and I have such a good thing going, why bother?

One new recipe I tried for Christmas dinner that I can completely recommend is Guy Fieri's Mac Daddy Mac n' Cheese.  Most homemade mac n' cheese comes out to dry or too bland in my opinion.  Not this stuff!  It was soooooo good.  Everyone who tried it gave it two enthusiastic thumbs up, and Steven wouldn't even let anyone else take home leftovers of it because he wanted them all to himself.  If you decide to try it, I would suggest add more of each cheese, and cooking more bacon to add into the mixture as well as on top. You can't really go wrong with more cheese and more bacon (but not more butter!!)

Did anyone else try any great recipes over the holidays??

Hasta manana,