Monday, August 9, 2010

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Fuzzy Wuzzy lives at my house.  And he sheds constantly, as in all the time, as in on EVERYTHING.  The poor guy can't help that he's so furry.  Just look at these paws.  They kind of remind me of the the Grinch.

After not feeling so well on Saturday, on Sunday I had to spend the day cleaning and de-furring our lives. I'm always telling Steven we should buy stock in those little lint roller sheets. We use them all the time.  Another total lifesaver in the battle of the fur has been our Dyson vacuum.  We got it as a bridal shower gift from my parents and its one of my top 10 favorite things that I own.  I'm always amazed at the amount it picks up.  It keeps me sane.  This whole de-furring ritual we have going is a weekly thing, sometimes twice weekly, and always before company comes over.  It's a big job.  After I've been at it for hours and right around the time I'm ready to start locking all 3 cats in a closet and never let them out again, I see this face and I can't stay mad.

At least I got to start my week out with a nice clean house.  Today I got the chance to sew for a few hours with my Mom.  I've been needing to get a start on a quilt I'm making for my nephew for Christmas and today I finally got the ball rolling.  I started out with 111 five inch squares ...

And by the time we finished for the day I had 111 half-square triangle blocks.  Now I just have to square them up and then they'll be ready to start sewing into rows for a boy's version of the Zig-Zag quilt.

I wish I could sew all day every day.  But then I guess it wouldn't be as much fun as it is now.  Hope everyone enjoyed your weekends. 

That's all folks!

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  1. His paw's look like something from outer not really. He is sooo cute and sooooooo furry!!! Had fun with you today!