Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Blogland

Today is the day we celebrate love. Traditionally I've never been very hyped about the whole commercialization of the holiday.  I think we should celebrate love, and those we love every day.  This year there were a few crafts I've been itching to try my hand at, so I took a homemade approach to Valentine's day and had fun doing it! 

I got some Clover pom-pom makers a few weeks ago to make some stuff for my master bedroom overhaul (which is almost done, YAY!).  I picked up some yarn, paper covered wire, and mason jars and made these home-made flower arrangements for my mom and sister.  What I love about these is they'll still be just as good as new in a few weeks instead of in the trash.

Another craft at the top of my "To-Try" List were these cute felt flowers from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar.  All that these required were some felt, hot glue, and ribbon.  I glued them to the top of these little treat boxes instead of using a bow.  These also make adorable baby headbands, which I hope to try soon for a friends baby girl.

Even better than the flower on top is what was inside.  These super yummy brownie bites were so cute at the store, I couldn't resist buying them.  One or two might have accidentally jumped into my mouth while I was packaging them up (oops!).  I had wanted to make Parisian Macarons but the book I ordered from Amazon was delayed due to the horrible weather across the U.S. last week.  Oh well, these little guys were still pretty tasty, even if they were store-bought.

Here is a pic of the whole little assortment, all put together.

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful day filled with love and happiness.  The husband and I are going to take in a movie tonight and try a new restaurant.  I know, what thrill-seekers we are.  Truthfully, paying full price for a movie these days is about as wild and crazy as our budget allows, lol!  I'm just thankful to spend the evening with my true love .. who could ask for anything more?



  1. I love that felt flower on top of the paint can!! Too cute. I think the price most theaters charge for a movie is ridiculous! I am fortunate in that we live near one that only charges 3.50...can you believe it? I hope you had a great night and the new restaurant was wonderful.

  2. Thanks for the yummy brownies and the cute flowers, jar, coasters etc...What a wonderful creative daughter you are.