Thursday, July 1, 2010

Les Chats De La Maison

So now its time to introduce you to our three cats, whom we affectionately refer to as "the kids." Now, we're not weird people who are under any kind of delusion that our cats are real people and should be put on a pedestal equal to or above a human being. The simple fact is, we don't have kids yet, but we do have cats.

DH and the kids watching TV (in a messy messy bedroom during our most recent move)

Ever since I was a kid I've always given animals both first and middle names. So our three are: Brady Richard (named after Tom Brady, New England Patriots quarterback- at the request of my DH), Talula Elizabeth, and Fergie Ann. The middle names come into play when I need to yell at them really good for doing something really bad. Trust me, it doesn't work only on humans. LOL.

Little Miss Fergie

Baby Lu


Now, I'm a big nickname using type of person. So inevitably our three cats ended up with a plethora of little nicknames, but there are a few that have stuck. Brady is also Goobermonkey, or lately just Monkey. You call "Monkey" and he'll come running. Talula is Baby Lu, or just plain Lu, and Fergie is affectionately referred to as Chicken. Don't ask me where the names come from, because I really have no idea. They just showed up and stuck around.

Watching a little dog outside the window

Now we never intended to have 3 cats. On the first day of Winter 2006 a sweet stray gave birth to a litter on my parents front porch. I can't stand to see an animal suffer, and since she was such a sweet stray who let us handle her and her babies we took them to Steven's apartment. There were 5 babies plus the mama. Fast forward a few months and we're still left with 3 babies that no one wanted. And then somewhere along the way we accidentally started to love them and there you have it.

Lula's weird phase when she liked to sleep in the sink

Baaaaad Monkey!! Caught him making a big mess in the linen closet!

They're all 3 pudgy even though they have never eaten a drop of "people food" and only eat indoor formula dry cat food. Poor Fergie is the pudgiest of all (sometimes we call her Chunky Chicken). They're sweet and loving and since they've been with us since the day they were born we can literally do anything to them and they trust us unconditionally. They also seem to really like each other, which I know isn't all that common as my mom's cats seem to regard each other with disdain most of the time. I think their greatest talent is napping. They are masterful nappers, as shown below.

Chicken all tuckered out in bed

Lu asleep upside down, a daily pose for her really

Brady was sleeping so hard that his tongue fell out of his mouth!

Even as I write this I'm surrounded by the three of them, ASLEEP! Which reminds me, I should get to bed.

Tata for now!

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