Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baaaaad Blogger!

I'm such a bad blogger.  It's been 6 days since my last post.  But in all fairness, there were two posts last Sunday, so that should count in my favor shouldn't it?  It's just been a busy week for me here. With work and appointments all week I didn't get anything else done.  Nothing, nada, zilch, you get the point.  My laundry is piled high, my house is filthy, and my husband doesn't remember the last time I cooked something that didn't start out in a box or a jar.  My quilting took a hit too, nothing has been touched since last week.  It doesn't help that temperatures here have literally hit the triple digits the last few days and the heat index has been well over 105 most days.  This kind of heat just zaps the energy right out of you.

I intend to remedy all of that this weekend though.  The house WILL be clean, laundry completed, and some cutting prep work for the boys zig-zag quilt done by Sunday night, come hell or high water!  And I'm actually cooking dinner tonight.  It's called Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomatoes and its one of my favorite summer recipes. I'll share the recipe and pictures here within the next few days. 

Yesterday we acquired a used Nintendo Wii and Steven and I have been having a ball ever since.  We've been battling it out in Golf, Tennis, Bowling, and boxing.  It's so much fun and it really does get you up and moving around.  Steven really likes the tennis and he is so funny to watch while he's playing it because he does little victory dances, and trash talks the Wii opponents.  I snuck and used my phone to record a short video of him playing Wii tennis and we both watched it and were laughing so hard we had tears coming to our eyes. I told him we should put it on YouTube and see if it goes viral and he was actually OK with that idea.  That boy has no shame!  In all honesty he's just really easy going and laid back and isn't afraid to laugh at himself.  I love that about him.

So along with my looong list of quilting projects that I have yet to start, I've added another.  The Sexy Hexy Love Quilt by Amy Butler is going right to the top of my to do list.  This pattern is a free printable one.  I saw it months ago and showed it to my mom.  She loved it too and got the fabric and started it at Quilt Camp 2 with my Aunt Ranette and cousin Kara, who are both making the quilt as well.  I was in a serious state of quilt envy and then I found a great coupon for who carries Amy Butler's Love fabric.  I ended up getting fabric for around $4.50 per yard which is awesome so then I knew that I just had to make this quilt.  So hopefully I'll get that started some time in the next few weeks and have some pictures to show.

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